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Welcome to Jake and Gigi

Jake and Gigi is about celebrating individuals who defy conventions and set their own sense of style. We believe in the dreamers and the risk takers. Working with contemporary and vintage Swarovski crystals, vintage components and vintage beads, Jake and Gigi creates jewelry, mobile phones and countless other unique pieces. Optimism is our point of view and wit and style are the means to that end. Reality is only a starting point before imagination takes over!

Using influences of pop culture, old Hollywood icons, and anything out of the norm, Jake and Gigi creates one of a kind or very limited pieces. Whether you are a "Flirty Vintage" girl or a "Metro Retro" man, there is something for you!

Quirky, sexy, fun, sassy, and one of a kind, however you bring Jake and Gigi into your world you will feel it is a beacon to your own individuality and style, created perfectly just for you.

Enjoy the originality, cherish the rarity, and celebrate the beauty!




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